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Route 66in' & Quartz Mountain Resort

Adam and I stole away this weekend for one of our favorite past times, Route 66in with the end goal of Quartz Mountain Resort in Lone Wolf, OK. We always google cool places to take pictures in Oklahoma and stumbled upon this place in one of our searches. And all I can say is... it was A-MAZING!

We arrived late Sunday night and turned in, tuckered out from a wedding on Saturday and a day of fun road tripping. And what we awoke to... um, WOW!!! Who knew this was in Oklahoma and only two and a half hours from Edmond!

Rolling hills, a huge lake, tons of walking trails, an amphitheater, paddle boats, golf, an amusement park, a wildlife refuge, and tons of other lake activities.

What was even more incredible was being that it was the beginning of the week, we were the only ones there. It felt like a honeymoon! Plus, Shoeshine was welcome anywhere we wanted to go. The food was exquisite and the weather was incredible. We spent the day hiking, relaxing, sightseeing, and flying our new DRONE!!! We had so much fun. I just kept thinking, "we HAVE to shoot a wedding here!" It would be the perfect place. The whole place is a photographers dream. It was a wonderful weekend with my love and our little fur baby. :) Check out our pics and footage from our trip and be sure to schedule a trip out there, it's totally worth it!

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