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Falling and Fitness

The day after my 33 birthday, we were loading our last few things into the truck and moving to our new place. I had just emptied my hands and was anxious to grab another load. I turned, started to walk down the stairs and BOOM.I fell, big time. Adam was too far away to catch me, and I remember just laying there thinking, yikes, this is hurts.. like tears in my eyes hurts. Laying there, ankle throbbing, I thought, please let this not be as bad as it feels. Hours later, I was soaking a very swollen ankle in the tub and hoping for a quick recovery.

We decided to wait it out for a few days to see if the swelling would go down, but 8 days later, it was still pretty painful- so off to to doc we went :)

The good news, not broken- the bad... a Grade III sprain :( (honestly- I would have rather broken it- takes less time to heal) Prognosis... 8-12 weeks till I would be back to normal. :(

So- side note- right before my fall, I had just completed the 21 Day Fix Extreme program and had lost 4.35 inches in 21 days. I was soooo stoked. I was super excited to do another round of the program, and that's when I fell.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am terrible at just sitting still, so the idea of not exercising was not exciting to me at all, but I had to be healthy by the time wedding season started, so on the couch I sat. And with every passing day, I gained the weight I had lost back. I had gone from exercising daily to nothing.

So why am I writing this blog???... I am officially able to exercise again and so I am going to hold myself accountable and share my struggles and fitness journey with all of you. I know we women are especially hard on ourselves, and I always find it encouraging to hear about everyone else struggles and watch as they work to better themselves. So here we go... stay tuned to hear about how things and what I am doing to shed the weight I put back on.

I have started running again and am using the Running for Weightless app and LOVE it, and next Monday, I will be starting the 21 Day Fix Extreme Program again. So stay tuned :)

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