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Corinne & Sam

I met Corinne and Sam last year and instantly liked them both. They were both so bubbly and fun to talk to and I absolutely loved hearing their story of how they came to love each other.

Here is their story...

"When I transferred to public schools in 6th grade, Sam and I developed connections with a similar crowd. We weren’t really aware of each other until 8th grade when we had Marching Band Practice together. Through our junior high and high school years, we gradually got closer together as our group of friends got smaller and more tightly knit. By senior year, we were the best of friends.

Driving to and from school together daily, applying to college together, and we even helped write and deliver graduation invites together. Moving on to college was a large shock, and we worked to keep up with the new pace in life as a team.

During our first spring break home from school, I was telling my mom all about my adventures in college, when I accidentally said, “Oh, and I’m dating Sam…” Of course, then I went to tell Sam what had happened. We decided to date from that point on.

Our engagement was wonderful. Sam and I knew we wanted to marry each other, and we had already begun planning the wedding. My family threw him a birthday party as we do every year, except this year, he seemed a bit uncomfortable. Once all of his presents were open, he stood up and knelt in front of me.

“Thank you to everyone for all of the gifts I’ve received today, but the one gift I really want today is forever with you. Will you marry me?”

It's stories like these that make me feel so incredibly blessed to get to do what we do. So keeping in mind that they have loved each other for years, I set out to shoot their day the best way I could.

Every girl wants to have some GQ pics of her groom, so the first thing we set out to do was to get some really great shots of Sam.

After the guys were done, I made sure to have Sam good and hidden and switched over to Corinne. All I can say is wow! She looked amazing!

This moment killed me. They were so sweet and so cute together. You can tell the bond between this momma and daughter was iron clad. There were definitely tears, but they were tears of joy for sure.

These SHOES! Let me tell you- when I met Corinne, I knew she was a shoe girl, but I have to say- I have never seen a pair of shoes like these! Not to mention, look at that dress!

These girls were too much fun! and that was one of the prettiest flower girl dresses I have ever seen! Such a sweet group of ladies!

What girl doesn't like surprises?! Sam came to me and told me he had a gift for Corinne and he wanted to give it to her before the wedding.I think she liked it, what do you think?

Every girl dreams about the look on his face when he first sees her. I think this look pretty much takes the cake.

Congrats to the new Mr and Mrs Wier!!!

Such a happy couple!

Thank you to you both for allowing me to capture your beautiful day! I couldn't have had a better couple to photograph! Congrats to you both!

Venue: Walnut Creek


Hari/Makeup: Artistic Glam

Tuxes: Men's Warehouse

Catering: La Brasa

Cake:Jonny's Sweet Creations

Florist: Lilygrass Flowers

Photographer: Ropp Studios Photography & Video

Videography: Ropp Studios Photography & Video

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