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Gift ideas for Bridesmaids

So many of our brides call us asking for advice and looking for tips and tricks and one of the questions we get a lot is, "do you have any ides for bridesmaids gifts?" They always want something unique, yet affordable. Here are a few recent finds that I LOVE!

The Blessings Flower Necklace:

The Bittersweet Hair Tie Bracelet:

I can not tell you how many Hair ties I have collected off of girls wrists in 12 years of being in business. A rookie mistake I made in my first year was not policing wrists for those little ties and having to retouch them off of every picture they ordered! I told myself, "NEVER AGAIN!!!" But I still find them on many wrists, and truth be told,we have all gotten used to having them on and forget that we are wearing them. So here is an EXCELLENT solution! It would be a gift that I myself would LOVE to receive. Practical, stylish and oh, do helpful! I know your girls would love this and what's great- is you could actually wear it to an event and have it look amazing! Affordable, practical, awesome! Check them out!

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